Jollibee Hotline Number – Order Food Online Philippines 2023

Jollibee hotline number

How to Order Jollibee Online

Jollibee has proved itself to become the most iconic culinary experience in the Philippines. It is like a special place that makes you feel happy and cozy, especially with all the delicious things they cook up. The thing that adds to the worth is its home-to-home delivery. 

You can order anything from the Jollibee menu price anytime anywhere via the Jollibee hotline number. You don’t have to leave your couch to get a taste of your favorite. Below are the 4 simple methods of how you can easily place your order:

Jollibee Delivery Website Online

For your convenience, the first option offered by Jollibee is via the official website. You can easily order delicious Jollibee food from your comfy home using their website. Just go to the web and click on the delivery menu. Pick what you want to eat from their menu. For payment, you can choose apps like GCash, and Pesopay, or select cash on delivery. 

Here’s a turning point: If you spend more than ₱1,101.00, they might call you to confirm your order. But if you are having a big feast and spending over ₱3,300.00, you will need to call their delivery hotline to place your order. 

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Jollibee App

Have a busy day ahead and craving for some good to eat? No problem! Jollibee has come with a user-friendly app for iOS and Android users where they can place an online order. Simply download the app, select your favorites, and let the staff do the rest for you. 

24 Hours Jollibee Delivery Hotline Number #87000

Craving Jollibee but too busy to order online through website or Jollibee app? No worries! Just grab your phone and dial the Jollibee hotline at #87000. It’s open 24/7, and you can get help with the menu and place your order in a snap. Simple, right? Enjoy the convenience of a quick call for your Jollibee fix!

Jollibee Delivery Partners

Worried about the reliability of the delivery service? Don’t be! Jollibee works hand in hand with trustworthy delivery partners to ensure that your orders arrive fresh, hot, and on time. You can place a quick order at GrabFood and Foodpanda for a quality and satisfying experience. 

Payment Options for Jollibee Delivery in Philippines

Jollibee always prefers its users in all aspects so they have made it super easy to pay for lip-smacking food by offering multiple methods. Here are the different ways you can pay for your tasty Jollibee delivery:

  1. Cash on Delivery

Suppose, you love to pay in cash, no worries! Jollibee lets you pay the delivery person in cash when your food arrives.

  1. Online Payment

Want to use your card or do online banking? Jollibee happily accepts both credit and debit card payments, as well as online banking transfers. It is as easy as a few clicks, and your order is on its way.

  1. Jollibee Gift Certificates

If you have Jollibee gift certificates lying around, you can use them to pay for your delivery order.

  1. GCash Payments

You can easily use GCash to pay for your Jollibee delivery. It is quick, it is secure, and it is just a tap away.

Jollibee Delivery Areas and Fees

Jollibee wants to reach as many hungry tummies as possible, so they deliver to a lot of places. If you are breathing in the Philippines then simply google “Jollibee near me” and it will show you the nearest chain of this savory food. Moreover, you can check if they deliver to your area by entering your location on their website or app.

The delivery fees are usually small, which makes it affordable to get your favorite Jollibee meal delivered right to your home. So, no matter where you are in the Philippines, Jollibee is working hard to bring you a lower price. 

Jollibee Promotions and Discounts

Jollibee loves treating its customers with exciting promotions and discounts. For special discounts keep in touch with Jollibee’s website, android app, and social media pages, where they often announce the latest discounts and limited-time offers. Don’t miss out on any offer or deal with website amazing discounts. 


What are the ways to reach out to Jollibee for assistance?

You can reach out to Jollibee for assistance through their hotline, website, or social media channels.

Does Jollibee provide customer service support for inquiries and assistance?

Yes, they are always present to help their customer for support. 

Can I place a call to Jollibee Hotline Number without credit?

Yes, you can place a call to Jollibee’s hotline number i.e. #87000 for free.

What is the Estimated Jollibee Delivery Time?

Jollibee strives to deliver your order in approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, varying slightly based on the size of your order.

Is contacting Jollibee at #87000 chargeable?

No, reaching Jollibee at #87000, typically does not incur charges.

Jollibee’s Customer Service

📧 [email protected]

Jollibee’s Social Media


If you are a resident of the Philippines and have a craving for fast food then the Jollibee menu is at your service. In 2023, it could be your go-to place for ordering delicious food. They make it easy to order, pay, and enjoy their tasty meals without leaving your house. You can place the order online on their Hotline Number #87000. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the delicious food.

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