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Jollibee party package

Overview of Jollibee Party Packages

Make your dream party a reality with just a ₱3,000 down payment by celebrating with Jollibee party packages. To enjoy, bookings must be confirmed within three (3) days of reservation and at least five (5) days before the party. For a small get-together or a big celebration, Jollibee accommodates you with a minimum of 30 guests for an in-store party. 

So enjoy the festivities with maximum guests based on the party room capacity. Start the countdown to your amazing Jollibee party. I assure you this will make your experience way better and more memorable.

Well, today, we will explore the customization options, entertainment choices, and everything you need for a stress-free party experience. Stick till we help you to make your birthday or celebrations special.

Let’s find out Opening & Closing time of Jollibee outlets.

Customize your Party

1. Themes and Decorations

It’s time to perfect your party with Jollibee’s customization options. Choose from four alluring themes to transport your child and guests to an impulsive world of wonder.

  • Jollitown Theme Park

This theme gives vibrant colors, playful characters, and an exciting atmosphere. From carnival-inspired decorations to joyous entertainment, this theme promises a lively experience that thrills your little ones.

  •  Fairytale Land

Try the new Fairytale Land theme where dreams come true. Feel the charm of decorations, iconic fairytale characters, and an ambiance fit of a storybook. 

  •  Jollirace

For those needing speed and excitement, the Jollirace theme brings the delight of a race to your celebration. Decorated with racing-inspired decor, checkered flags, and a sense of competition, this theme is perfect for the little ones passionate about adventure. 

2. Food and Beverages

We are happy to announce that you can delight your guests with mouthwatering Jollibee Meal Bundles. Check out the table below for details on each bundle:

Meal Bundles Price (in PHP) Included Items
Jollibee Meal A ₱210.00 Jolly Spaghetti, Regular Fries, Pineapple Juice, Choco Sundae
Jollibee Meal B ₱282.00 1pc Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti, Regular Fries, Pineapple Juice, Choco Sundae
Jollibee Meal C ₱335 1pc Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti, Regular Fries, Regular Pineapple Juice, Choco Sundae, Jolly Kiddie Meal Toy
Jollibee Meal D ₱292 1pc Chickenjoy with rice, Jolly Spaghetti, Regular Fries, Regular Pineapple Juice, Choco Sundae
  • Customized Food Bundle  
  • You can customize your food bundle with solo orders or add a delicious Celebration Cake to make the party extra special for an extra P6,000. It is applicable only when you have a minimum of 30 orders. 

    • Celebration Cake

    For approximately P1150/P1350, you can select a customized special cake for your loved ones.   

    Entertainment Options

    You can also experience the charm of Jollibee’s iconic dance performance, which is a highlight at every Jollibee party. It will bring the humor and charisma that brighten your room and make you feel special. Jollibee’s parties are a one-stop shop offering hosting, games, prizes, giveaways, and delicious meals. 

    Also check out Jollibee’s Chicken Burger menu guide.

    Features and Inclusions

    Enjoy a hassle-free experience with a two-hour venue reservation that includes a host. Additionally, check the following fun activities to make parties unforgettable memories:

    Party Inclusions

    There are many options that are included in the party package to double the fun at Jollibee. You can relish a hassle-free experience with a two-hour venue reservation that includes a host. Below are the inclusive party items, add-ons, and tips for planning a successful Jollibee party.

    • 15 party invitations
    • 15 party hats
    • 15 nametags
    • 15 balloons
    • 15 activity traymats
    • 10 lootbags
    • Game prizes
    • Gift for the celebrant

    Jollibee Mascot Fun

    If you want more mascots to join your party (depending on availability), just check with your preferred branch. For an additional 30 minutes of mascot fun, it’s just P1000.

    Also, make your celebration even better with extra goodies. Grab party hats, tray liners, invitations, and name tags for just P10 each to add that special touch to your bash.

    Party Add-Ons

    Want to add some excitement? Then grab extra loot bags filled with surprises for just P70 each. 

    Tips for a Successful Jollibee Party

    Planning Ahead

    Think about your guest list, choose your theme, and book your preferred Jollibee party package in advance. Planning ahead ensures everything falls into place for a fantastic celebration.

    Communicating with Jollibee Party Coordinators

    If you need help or have any special requests, talk to the Jollibee Party Coordinators. They’re there to assist you with any questions, concerns, or customizations you might have. Friendly communication ensures your party is exactly how you want it.

    Personalizing the Experience

    You can make your party unique by adding personal touches. It could be a theme that reflects your child’s interests or customizing the food bundle; personalization adds that special magic to the celebration.

    How to Book a Jollibee Party 

    Follow these simple steps to book your Jollibee party package:

    • Go online or visit your preferred Jollibee branch.
    • Choose a package that fits your budget and theme preference.
    • Inquire about party suppliers for additional convenience.
    • Confirm your reservation with a down-payment of as low as ₱3,000.
    • This will arrange your super party at a minimal cost. 

    Participating Stores

    These are the Jollibee stores participating for the Party packages as mentioned above.


    Is the Jollibee Kids Party available nationwide?

    Yes, in the Philippines, kiddie parties are available in all stores nationwide.

    How to book a Jollibee Kids Party?

    You can book a Kid’s Party by visiting their website or your preferred Jollibee branch.

    How much is the required down payment to book a Jollibee Kids Party?

    The required down payment to book a Jollibee Kids Party starts as low as ₱3,000.

    Jollibee’s Customer Service

    📧 [email protected]

    Jollibee’s Social Media


    Head towards Jollibee’s nearest stores to make your kid’s event more memorable. You can book online the Jollibee Party package for ₱3,000. It includes multiple options like food, entertainment, party add-ons, cake, and customization options. Jollibee Kids Party 2024 promises an unforgettable celebration for your little ones. Book your package now.

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