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JOLLIBEE brunei menu

Jollibee in Brunei

Welcome to the delicious world of Jollibee in Brunei which is famous for its mouthwatering Southeast Asian dishes. Brunei has been enjoying Jollibee’s Filipino flavors since 1987, with 13 stores spread across the country. The Jollibee Brunei Menu is perfectly mixed with local tastes and global favorites. 

Come join me as I combine the Jollibee’s iconic meals for a one-of-a-kind and tasty experience. You can check all the menu items including the breakfast meals, and kiddies meals with their updated prices. Also, give a close look at the Jollibee’s opening and closing time in Brunei without missing the delivery number.

Jollibee Brunei Menu Prices

I have keenly gathered all the special servings of Jollibee Brunei Menu that include Chickenjoy, chicken strips, Jolly Spaghetti, Burgers, Drinks, and sides. You can have any of these meals by online delivery, takeaway, or dine-in. To make the pick easy the updated prices of each menu item are mentioned, let’s start:  

Chickenjoy A La Carte

Menu ItemsPrice (BND)
1pc Chickenjoy w/ GravyB$2.80
1pc Chickenjoy w/ Rice & GravyB$3.30
2pc Chickenjoy w/ Rice & GravyB$5.70
1pc Chili Chicken w/RiceB$3.80
1pc Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy w/Rice & GravyB$4.00
6pc Chickenjoy Bucket w/GravyB$15.90
8pc Chickenjoy Bucket w/GravyB$19.50

Chickkenjoy Value Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
1pc Chickenjoy w/ Rice & Regular Soft DrinkB$3.90
2pc Chickenjoy w/ Rice & Regular Soft DrinkB$6.60
1pc Chickenjoy w/ Spaghetti & Regular Soft DrinkB$6.50
1pc Chili Chicken w/Rice & Regular Soft DrinkB$4.50
1pc Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy w/Rice & Regular Soft DrinkB$4.70

Jolly Bestsellers

Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice
Joy for 11pc Chickenjoy (Original or Spicy)1 Rice1 Peach Mango Pie1 Regular PepsiB$5.20
Fun for 1 Combo1pc Chickenjoy (Original or Spicy)1 Rice1 Regular Fries1 Regular PepsiB$4.90
Combo for 22pc Chickenjoy Combo2 Jolly Spaghetti2 Regular French Fries2 Regular PepsiB$20.90
Combo for 48pc Chickenjoy Bucket Combo (4pcs Original, 4pcs Spicy)2 Jolly Spaghetti2 Yumburger2 Regular French Fries2 Mashed Potato1.5L PepsiB$37.90
Pies-To-Go 3 Peach Mango Pies                      – B$4.50

A La Carte – Chicken Strips

Menu ItemsPrice
3pcs Chicken Strips + 1 dip of your choiceB$4.20
3pcs Chicken Strips w/ Rice & Regular Soft Drink (C4)B$4.30
3pcs Chicken Strips w/ Regular French Fries & Regular Soft Drink (C5)B$4.80
3pcs Chicken Strips w/ Regular French Fries & Regular Soft Drink + 1 dip of your choiceB$5.80

Jolly Spaghetti 

Menu ItemsPrice
Jolly SpaghettiB$3.00
Jolly Spaghetti PanB$11.00
Spaghetti w/ Regular Soft Drink (N1)B$3.80
Spaghetti w/Yumburger & Regular Soft Drink (N2)B$5.50
Spaghetti w/ 2pc-Chicken Strips & Regular Soft Drink (N3)B$6.00

Burgers – A La Carte & Value Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
Yumburger w/ CheeseB$2.50
Double Cheesy YumburgerB$4.50
Yumburger w/ Regular Fries & Regular Soft Drink (B1)B$4.20
Yumburger w/ Cheese, Regular Fries & Regular Soft Drink (B2)B$4.50
Double Cheesy Yumburger w/ Regular Fries & Regular Soft Drink (B3)B$6.50


Menu ItemsPrice
Crispy Chicken BurgerB$3.30
Jolly Chicken FilletB$4.50
Chicken PitaB$3.75
Jolly SausageB$3.20
Crispy Chicken Burger, Regular Fries & Regular Soft Drink (S1)B$5.30
Jolly Chicken Fillet w/ Regular Fries & Regular Soft Drink (S2)B$6.50
Chicken Pita w/ Regular Soft Drink (S3)B$4.75
Jolly Sausage w/ Regular Fries & Regular Soft DrinkB$5.20

Rice Meals Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
1pc Burger Steak w/ Rice & EggB$2.70
2pcs Burger Steak w/ Rice & EggB$4.20
1pc Burger Steak w/ Rice & Egg & Regular Soft DrinkB$3.20
2pcs Burger Steak w/ Rice & Egg & Regular Soft DrinkB$4.70

Jolly Kiddie Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
1pc Chickenjoy w/ Rice & Milo in TetraB$6.00
Jolly Spaghetti w/ Milo in TetraB$5.50
Yumburger w/ Regular Fries & Milo in TetraB$6.00

Desserts Item

Menu ItemsPrice
Vanilla TwirlB$0.80
Chocolate SundaeB$1.80
Cookies & Cream SundaeB$1.80
Peach Mango PieB$1.80

Sides Item

Menu ItemsPrice
Sriracha Loaded FriesB$4.10
Cheesy Loaded FriesB$4.10
Jolly Crispy Fries-RegularB$1.80
Jolly Crispy Fries-LargeB$2.30
Jolly Double Cheese FriesB$2.90
Mashed PotatoB$1.70

Drinks Item

Menu ItemsPrice
Soft Drinks Regular (16oz)B$1.70
Softdrinks Large (22oz)B$2.00
Nestea Iced Lemon Tea (16oz)B$2.50
Bon Juice-OJ (16oz)B$2.50
Milo (16oz)B$2.50
Pepsi FloatB$2.00
Choco FloatB$2.80
Bottled WaterB$1.00
Brewed CoffeeB$1.50
Hot TeaB$1.50
Hot ChocoB$2.00

Value Meal Upgrades

Menu ItemsPrice
Go Large Soft DrinkB$0.50
Go Lemon Iced Tea or Orange JuiceB$0.80
Go Pepsi FloatB$0.80
Go MiloB$1.00
Peach Mango PieB$1.60

Burger Value Meals Upgrades

Menu ItemsPrice
Go Large FriesB$0.50
Double Go Large Fries & Soft DrinkB$1.00
Go Jolly Double Cheese FriesB$1.90
Go Large Fries & Ice Lemon Tea or Pepsi FloatB$1.30
Go Large Fries & MiloB$1.50

Chickenjoy Value Meals Add-ons

Menu ItemsPrice
Add Regular French FriesB$1.30
Add Large French FriesB$1.80
Add Mashed PotatoB$1.30
Add Jolly Double Cheese FriesB$2.40

Chicken Strips w/ Rice Value Meal Add-on

Menu ItemsPrice
Add Jolly Double Cheese FriesB$2.40

Breakfast Joys

Menu ItemsPrice
1pc Chickenjoy w/ Fried Egg and Garlic RiceB$3.70
Jolly Chicken Sausage w/ Fried Egg and Garlic RiceB$3.20
Corned Beef w/ Fried Egg and Garlic RiceB$3.90
2 pc Chicken Strips w/ Fried Egg and Garlic RiceB$3.90
Yum w/EggB$2.60
Yum w/Egg & CheeseB$2.90
Croissan’wich (Croissant w/Egg & Cheese)B$2.90

Value Meals – Breakfast Joys

Menu ItemsPrice
1pc Chickenjoy w/ Fried Egg, Garlic Rice and CoffeeB$4.50
Jolly Chicken Sausage w/ Fried Egg, Garlic Rice and CoffeeB$4.00
Corned Beef w/ Fried Egg, Garlic Rice and CoffeeB$4.70
2 pc Chicken Strips w/ Fried Egg, Garlic Rice and CoffeeB$4.70
Yum w/Egg and CoffeeB$3.40
Yum w/Egg & Cheese and CoffeeB$3.70
Croissan’wich (Croissant w/Egg, Coffee & Cheese) B$3.70

Jollibee Brunei Outlets

After discovering the delicious Jollibee Brunei Menu, you’re probably craving for some Jolly flavors. Check out the nearest Jollibee outlet in Brunei for a delightful dine-in experience. Alternatively, if you prefer enjoying it at home, simply call the nearest Jollibee branch using the phone numbers provided for delivery or takeaway. 

Branch NameAddressContact NumberOperating Hours
KB Sentral BranchGround Floor, KB Sentral Shopping Centre, Jalan Seri Maharaja, Kampong Mumong (Mumong Utara), Kuala Belait, Belait(673) 334 30489:00AM – 10:00PM
Seria Plaza BranchUnit 36-38, Ground Floor, Seria Plaza, Jalan Sultan Omar Ali, Pekan Seria, Seria, Belait(673) 322 45408:00AM – 10:00PM
Tutong BranchGround Floor, Tutong Mall, Spg 123, Kampong Petani, Pekan Tutong, Tutong(673) 422 03818:00AM – 10:00PM
Hua Ho Mulaut BranchGround Floor, Hua Ho Mulaut, Jalan Mulaut, Kampong Limau Manis, Pengkalan Batu, Brunei-Muara(673) 267 25879:00AM – 10:00PM
Bunut BranchGround Floor, Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut, Tanjong Bunut, Kilanas, Brunei-Muara(673) 266 17259:00AM – 9:30PM
Utama BranchGround Floor, Utama Bowling Centre, Jalan Laksamana, Seri Kompleks/Batu Satu, Kianggeh, Brunei-Muara, BA 1721(673) 224 25819:00AM – 10:00PM
Yayasan BranchUnit G-01, Ground Floor, Block A, Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex, Kawasan Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, Kianggeh, Brunei-Muara(673) 223 28909:00AM – 10:00PM
Kiulap BranchUnit A5-A6, Ground Floor, Seri Qlap Mall, Spg 88, Kiulap, Gadong B, Brunei-Muara(673) 233 18758:00AM – 10:00PM
The Mall Gadong BranchThird floor, The Mall Gadong, Spg 37, Gadong, Gadong A, Brunei-Muara(673) 242 018610:00AM – 10:00PM
Rimba Point BranchGround Floor, Rimba Point, Rimba, Gadong A, Brunei-Muara(673) 246 07059:00AM – 9:30PM
Jollibee One City Shopping ComplexGround Floor, Onecity Shopping Complex, Jalan Utama Salambigar, Kampung Sungai Hanching, Berakas B, BC2155(673) 234 38819:00AM – 10:00PM
Muara BranchUnit 1, Serusop Complex, Spg 72, Serusop, Berakas A, Brunei-Muara(673) 234 20578:00AM – 11:00PM
Brunei International Airport BranchBrunei International Airport(673) 234 27269:00AM – 10:00PM
Times Square BranchGround Floor, Times Square Shopping Centre, Kampong Jaya Setia, Berakas A, Brunei-Muara, BB 2713(673) 223 850210:00AM – 10:00PM


What is Jollibee Brunei delivery number?

You can call the Jollibee delivery hotline at 1-6000 for a minimum of B$15.00 for food purchases.

Can the Jollibee menu be available for delivery?

Yes, Jollibee menu delivery is available across the 13 branches in Brunei.

Can I order Jollibee online in Brunei?

Yes, you can order the food online from Jollibee.

What are Jollibee Brunei’s opening hours?

You can enjoy the food from 9 AM – 10 PM from Monday – Sunday in Brunei.


Jollibee Brunei menu offers an amazing menu featuring a fusion of Filipino and local Southeast Asian flavors. Since its establishment in 1987, Jollibee has become a popular choice in Brunei, boasting 13 stores across the country.

The extended service hours from 9 AM to 10 PM, along with online ordering options and delivery services will double your fun. So, don’t wait and place an order online now by calling 1-6000.

Jollibee’s Customer Service

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