Jollibee Chicken Sandwich Menu with Updated Price

jollibee chicken sandwich price

Jollibee Chicken Sandwich Menu

Today, we will crack down on a Jollibee food that has delicious bites and is easy to enjoy anywhere, anytime. Tucked between two soft buns, welcome to Jollibee Chicken Sandwich, where everyone loves the succulent chicken inside. You can order it at any event or gathering to double the fun. 

You will be amazed to know how 32% of American sandwich lovers choose convenience; this sandwich is all about tasty simplicity. No plates or utensils are needed; just unwrap, bite, and enjoy the meal.

We should now jump straight to the Jollibee Chicken Sandwich price so you can order it right away. Keep reading because the next section is your go-to place for the updated price list of the Jollibee menu

New Jollibee Chicken Sandwich Price List

Currently, Jollibee is offering Chicken Sandwich Supreme and another one with fries and drinks to its customers in all branches. To make your ordering experience even smoother, we have prepared a handy table for the updated price of the products. Plan your next meal, and get a Jollibee Chicken Sandwich to your table.

Jollibee Chicken Sandwich Menu Price (₱)
Chicken Sandwich Supreme ₱149
Chicken Sandwich Supreme w/ Fries & Drink ₱227

Make your Sandwiches more Spicy

Craving a kick in your Chicken Sandwich experience? Jollibee has a tasty solution for spice fellows. For the same pocket-friendly price, you can take your meal to a whole new level of flavor.

Chicken Sandwich Supreme – ₱149.00:

The classic Chicken Sandwich Supreme becomes a spicy sensation with a dash of heat. You can enjoy the crispy chicken with an added zing that makes your experience better.

Chicken Sandwich Supreme w/ Fries & Drink – ₱227.00:

Want a complete spicy meal experience? Opt for the Chicken Sandwich Supreme with Fries and Drink. You not only get a spicy sandwich but also golden fries and a refreshing beverage to cool down the heat.

Nutritional and Allergen Facts

Menu ItemPeanutsEggsMilkSoyaCereals Containing GlutenSulfitesSesame Seeds
Chicken Sandwich
Jolly Crispy Fries


How much is Jollibee Chicken Sandwich Supreme in Philippines?

Jollibee Chicken Sandwich Supreme is priced at ₱149.00.

What are Jollibee Chicken Sandwich calories?

There are a total of 620 calories in a single serving of sandwich.

What costs for extra spice up my sandwiches?

You can add extra spice to your sandwiches at no additional cost, maintaining the same pocket-friendly prices.

Jollibee’s Customer Service

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Wrapping Up

So, to wrap up, we’ve  checked the nitty gritty details of Jollibee Chicken Sandwich, its menu, price list, calories, and allergen information. All this made it crystal clear that Jollibee offers the best sandwiches without bothering our pockets. We can indulge in the Chicken Sandwich Supreme for only ₱ 149, making it the best deal of the year. Grab your phone and order from Jollibee now!

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