Jollibee Desserts Menu Special Updated Prices in the Philippines 2024

JOLLIBEE desserts menu

Jollibee Desserts Menu – Delight your Sweet Tooth

If you often feel sugar cravings then there is good news for you with the Jollibee jaw-dropping appetizer desserts. Right here, in the heart of the Philippines, Jollibee knows how to whip up desserts that make you go, “Wow!” The flavors offered on the Jollibee desserts menu are so alluring that leave you craving for more. 

From Sweet Pies to Chocolate Sundae everything is just a culinary masterpiece for customers at affordable prices. Today, in this article we will unwrap the sweetness of Jollibee’s menu. We will explore the Jollibee’s dessert items along with their prices in the Philippines. Let the sweetness unfold!

New Desserts Menu Prices Philippines 

Get ready for the most satisfying part, the delightful prices on Jollibee’s Desserts Menu. It is not just about enjoying the flavors; this is like entering a world of deliciousness that won’t make your wallet cry. This menu is really kind to your budget. Now, let me guide you through the irresistible offerings and their prices, guaranteed to keep you smiling. 

Desserts MenuPrice(₱)Description
Sweet 6 Pies To-Go265A joyous variety pack for sharing.
3 Pies To-Go138Three mouthwatering pies on a budget-friendly mission.
Large Peach Mango Pie (3 Pies To-Go)169A generous-sized delight for those who love it grand.
Large Peach Mango Pie63A peachy-mango symphony.
Peach Mango Pie48The classic combo of peach and mango in a crispy crust.
Chocolate Sundae Twirl48A creamy chocolate embrace in a delightful twirl.

What’s New in the Dessert

Introducing the stars of our desserts menu in our latest offering, the Peach Mango Pie and the Banana Langka Pie. Imagine biting into our Peach Mango Pie, where the sweetness of the juiciest mangoes meets a crispy crust. This gives a heavenly touch to the tropics with every delicious bite. Also on the desserts menu, you can have bites of Jollibee ice cream that’s the best happening to people in the Philippines. 

And if you are craving a Filipino flavor, Banana Langka Pie has got you covered. With the perfect blend of banana and jackfruit, it is a taste that you never forget. These delightful desserts are the newest additions to the ever-growing menu. Stay tuned for the joy of dessert that is just a click away.


Has Jollibee discontinued offering Jollibee Halo Halo dessert?

Yes, Jollibee Halo Halo is no longer available in their dessert offerings.

Do Jollibee servings include desserts?

Yes, they have a dessert menu in their special servings. 

Did the Jollibee menu have a Sundae?

Yes, Jollibee’s menu includes Chocolate Sundae Twirl with the price of P59 only.

How much is Jollibee Peach Mango Pie?

The cost of 3 Peach Mango Pies at Jollibee is ₱138 and a solo pie is for ₱48.

How much is 3 peach mango Jollibee pie?

Jollibee’s Desserts menu in the Philippines includes items like Sweet 6 Pies To-Go, 3 Pies To-Go, Large Peach Mango Pie, Peach Mango Pie, and Chocolate Sundae Twirl starting from P59. 

How many calories are in a Jollibee sundae?

A Jollibee Sundae has 270 calories. 

What items have Jollibee on their Desserts menu in the Philippines?

Jollibee’s Desserts menu in the Philippines features a delightful selection, including Sweet 6 Pies To-Go, 3 Pies To-Go, Large Peach Mango Pie, Peach Mango Pie, and the tempting Chocolate Sundae Twirl.

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Final Thoughts

Jollibee’s Desserts Menu in the Philippines is a sweet haven that goes beyond just satisfying your taste buds. From the variety-packed Sweet 6 Pies To-Go to the classic indulgence of Peach Mango Pie, each item is a flavorful journey in itself.

Jollibee is bound to keep getting sweeter with pocket-friendly prices. So, after enjoying delicious meals at Jollibee, give a must-try to the sweet side of life. It makes your moments a little sweeter with every bite.

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