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JOLLIBEE nutritional menu

Why is Nutritional Menu Important 

Ever found yourself wondering about the nutritional value of your fast-food choices? Are you looking to make healthier decisions without sacrificing flavor? Well, you are not alone! The Jollibee Nutritional Menu is here to answer all your questions and help you make informed choices. 

I have compiled the nutritional facts of all Jollibee items, including their calories, fats, and protein. With the Jollibee Nutritional Menu, you can make informed decisions about which dishes fit into your dietary plan. It’s a perfect guide to unlocking the nutritional secrets behind your favorite bites. Keep reading to explore the nutritional breakdown of Jollibee’s offerings and make your next meal a healthier experience.

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Jollibee Nutritional Menu List

Are you ready to know the nutritional secrets behind Jollibee’s delicious offerings? Check out our comprehensive table below for all the key details.

Jollibee Nutritional MenuServing SizeCaloriesCarbsFatProtein
Chickenjoy Thigh (1 pc)4.4 oz3805g28g27g
Chickenjoy Drumstick (1 pc)3 oz2203g14g20g
Spaghetti1 Container56072g25g10g
Yumburger1 burger36030g7g8g
Rice0.333 cup cooked6714.6g0.1g1.4g
Jollibee Spaghetti1 Serving61076g23g23g
Jollibee Chicken Wich1 Sandwich54941.3g28.1g31.4g
Palabok1 Serving30539g9g17g
Jollibee spaghetti450 ml00g0g0g
Jollibee Two Piece Burger Steak2 pieces3536.3g28g19.7g
Jollibee Spaghetti1 pack8711.2g4g1.6g
Jolly Hotdog1 sandwich38655g14g10g
Champ30 g35883.8g2g0g
French Fries1 regular23032g11g3g
Steamed Rice184 g18042g0g3g
Chickenjoy, Thigh1 pc3805g28g27g
Pancit Palabok1 Plate30539g9g17g
Chocolate Sundae1 serving27044g8g5g
Shanghai Rolls6 pieces41619g0g0g
Burger steak35 g15021g6g4g
Gravy – Regular2.7 oz255g0g0g
Pineapple Quencher16 fl oz18046g0g0g
Tuna Pie1 piece28125g15g10g
Spicy Leg1 piece2203g0g0g
Coke (Large)1 cup804g4.7g6.7g
Spicy Breast125 g3206g17g36g
Chicken drumstick125 g2203g14g20g
Buttered Corn1 scoop1500g0g0g
Crispy Wings1 pc1900g0g0g
Jollibee Garlic Pepper Beef100 g575.1g2.5g3.5g
Halo-Halo1 cup4900g0g0g
Spaghetti2 oz21046g1g6g

Calories Count in your Favorite Meal

Have you ever thought about the calorie content of your beloved Jollibee treats? Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty of the Jollibee Nutritional Menu. In this segment, we will break down the calorie details for some of your go-to items.

Fries Calories

We all love that crispy exterior and soft inside of french fries. But what about the calorie count? A regular serving of Jollibee’s French Fries comes in at 230 calories. That is the perfect amount of crunch for your cravings.

Yum Burger Calories

The Yumburger is a Jollibee icon. Wondering about the calorie hit when you sink your teeth into this flavor-packed delight? It is only 360 calories of pure yumminess. 

Burger Steak Calories

For those who crave a hearty meal, the Burger Steak is a go-to choice. But how does it go with the calories? One serving rings in at 150 calories only.

Spaghetti Calories

Are you a spaghetti lover? Jollibee’s Spaghetti is a crowd-pleaser, but let’s talk numbers. A serving of this delightful pasta dish comes in at 610 calories. 

Chickenjoy Calories

Chickenjoy is the best pick from the Jollibee. But what about the calorie count? One piece of the crispy joy goodness is worth 380 calories.


What good stuff is in Jollibee burgers?

Jollibee burgers contain tasty ingredients like meat, cheese, and veggies.

How many calories are in Jollibee chicken?

Jollibee chicken typically has around 549 calories.

How many calories does a regular Yum Jollibee give?

A regular Yum Jollibee has approximately 250 calories.

How many calories are in one Chickenjoy?

One Chickenjoy contains about 380 calories.

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Wrapping Up

Understanding the calorie count of your favorite Jollibee items is the first step towards smarter and healthier food choices. So we have collected all the calorie information and nutrition facts about your favorite Jollibee items. You can go for any item by checking their calorie details to have a healthy life. 

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