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jollibee qatar menu prices

Jollibee in Qatar

Jollibee Qatar is an amazing option when you are hungry and want a mix of Filipino tastes with international fast food. Jollibee is, therefore, an enticing choice. It has menus that are loved by all. It also ensures that their customers are satisfied while craving for more.

Jollibee prides itself on having a menu that offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes. These dishes bring the perky flavors of the Philippines to Qatar. Every bite of food you take has the essence of Filipino cuisine. Chickenjoy is their trademark dish and entails a crispy and tasty fried chicken, and we have also got Jolly Spaghetti, a sweet-style spaghetti dish adorned with hotdog slices and sauce.

Jollibee Qatar menu doesn’t only contains main courses but also sides, desserts, coolers as well as extras thus giving us plenty of choices.

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Jollibee Qatar Menu Prices

Jollibee Qatar’s menu prices are set at a very affordable range. With competitive prices across its menu options, it offers various options for different budgets. This menu has been made with each item focused on individual tastes and group outings in mind, whether you want a light snack or a full meal.

Below is a breakdown of Jollibee Qatar Menu Prices.

Delivery Exclusives

Super Joy Bucket12pcs Chickenjoy + SidesQAR 54.00


Supermeal AChickenjoy + Spaghetti + MoreQAR 24.00
Supermeal BTenders + Spaghetti + MoreQAR 24.00
Supermeal CHotdog Sandwich + Spaghetti + MoreQAR 24.00

Bucket Menu

Meal Jumbo pcs1212 pcs Chickenjoy + SidesQAR 105.00
Meal Giga pcs2121 pcs Chickenjoy + SidesQAR 144.00
Feast Bucket pcs66 pcs Chickenjoy + SidesQAR 64.00
Meal Mega pcs99 pcs Chickenjoy + SidesQAR 85.00
Bucket of 1212 pcs Chickenjoy + SidesQAR 70.00
Bucket of 66pcs Chickenjoy + SidesQAR 40.00
Bucket of 99 pcs Chickenjoy + SidesQAR 54.00


Chickenjoy pc1Chickenjoy + SidesQAR 9.00
VM Chickenjoy pc1Chickenjoy + DrinkQAR 12.00
Chickenjoy pcs22pcs Chickenjoy + SidesQAR 15.00
VM Chickenjoy pcs22pcs Chickenjoy + DrinkQAR 18.00
Extra Tenders2pcs Extra TendersQAR 6.00
Meal Dinner pcs33pcs Chickenjoy + MealQAR 25.00
Meal Jumbo pcs44pcs Chickenjoy + MealQAR 29.00
Meal Tender pcs44pcs Tenders + MealQAR 21.00
VM SpagJoyChickenjoy + Half Spaghetti + MoreQAR 18.00
SpagJoyChickenjoy + Half SpaghettiQAR 15.00
Meal SpagJoy Super2pcs Chickenjoy + Spaghetti + MoreQAR 28.00


VM Spaghetti CaterCater Spaghetti + DrinkQAR 53.00
Spaghetti CaterCater SpaghettiQAR 45.00
VM SpaghettiSpaghetti + DrinkQAR 15.00
SpaghettiSpaghettiQAR 12.00
VM SpagYumSpaghetti + Burger Yum + DrinkQAR 20.00


Chicken Sandwich Regular SoloRegular Chicken SandwichQAR 15.00
VM Regular Sandwich ChickenRegular Chicken Sandwich + SidesQAR 20.00
Chicken Sandwich Spicy SoloSpicy Chicken SandwichQAR 15.00
VM Spicy Sandwich ChickenSpicy Chicken Sandwich + SidesQAR 20.00
Spicy Fries LoadedLoaded Spicy FriesQAR 10.00
Loaded Fries RegularRegular Loaded FriesQAR 8.00
Sundae Biscoff LotusBiscoff Lotus SundaeQAR 8.00


VM Steak Burger pc1Burger Steak + DrinkQAR 12.00
Burger Steak Family PanBurger Steak Family MealQAR 40.00
Spaghetti + Burger Steak FamilySpaghetti + Burger Steak FamilyQAR 70.00
Steak Burger pc1Burger SteakQAR 9.00
Steak Burger pcs22pcs Burger SteakQAR 14.00
VM Steak Burger pcs22pcs Burger Steak + DrinkQAR 17.00


VM Burger Yum AlohaBurger Yum Aloha + SidesQAR 19.00
Burger Yum AlohaBurger Yum AlohaQAR 14.00
VM Burger Yum CheesyBurger Yum Cheesy + SidesQAR 13.00
Burger Yum CheesyBurger Yum CheesyQAR 8.00
VM Burger Yum TLC DoubleBurger Yum TLC Double + SidesQAR 17.00
Burger Yum TLC DoubleBurger Yum TLC DoubleQAR 12.00
Burger Yum RegularBurger Yum RegularQAR 7.00
VM Burger Yum TLCBurger Yum TLC + SidesQAR 14.00
Burger Yum TLCBurger Yum TLCQAR 9.00
VM Burger YumBurger Yum + SidesQAR 12.00


Burger Champ Aloha SoloChamp Burger AlohaQAR 20.00
VM Burger Champ AlohaChamp Burger Aloha + SidesQAR 25.00
Burger Bacon Champ SoloChamp Burger BaconQAR 18.00
VM Burger Bacon ChampChamp Burger Bacon + SidesQAR 23.00
Burger Champ Spicy SoloChamp Burger SpicyQAR 17.00
VM Burger Champ SpicyChamp Burger Spicy + SidesQAR 22.00
Champ Burger SoloChamp BurgerQAR 16.00
VM Burger ChampChamp Burger + SidesQAR 21.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (QAR)
VM Wrap Chicken JollyChicken wrap, fries, regular drinkQAR 15.00
Wrap Chicken JollyChicken wrapQAR 10.00
VM Hotdog JollyHotdog, fries, regular drinkQAR 16.00
Hotdog JollyHotdogQAR 11.00
Meal Wrap Jolly SuperChicken wrap, chicken joy, rice/fries, sauce, coleslaw, drinkQAR 22.00


ItemPrice (QAR)
Float Drink ChocolateQAR 8.00
Float CokeQAR 7.00
Float FantaQAR 7.00
Zero Coke MediumQAR 6.00
Coke MediumQAR 6.00
Fanta MediumQAR 6.00
Sprite MediumQAR 6.00
Juice PineappleQAR 5.00
Zero Coke RegularQAR 4.00
Coke RegularQAR 4.00
Fanta RegularQAR 4.00
Sprite RegularQAR 4.00
Strawberry-Float SpriteQAR 7.00
XL Coke ZeroQAR 8.00
XL CokeQAR 8.00
XL FantaQAR 8.00
XL SpriteQAR 8.00


ItemPrice (QAR)
Extra 4oz GravyQAR 2.00
Nuggets pcs4 extraQAR 8.00
Extra 6oz GravyQAR 4.00
Extra Beef PattyQAR 4.00
Fillet Chicken ExtraQAR 7.00
Rice ExtraQAR 2.00
Extra Sliced cheeseQAR 1.00
Extra Steak SauceQAR 2.00
Garlic Mayo 4ozQAR 2.00
Garlic sauce 4ozQAR 2.00
Chilli Sweet sauceQAR 2.00


ItemPrice (QAR)
4oz ColeslawQAR 3.00
4oz Mashed PotatoQAR 3.00
6oz ColeslawQAR 5.00
6oz Mashed PotatoQAR 5.00
BrowniesQAR 2.00
Corn ButteredQAR 4.00
Fries CheesyQAR 8.00
FriesQAR 6.00
Soup MacaroniQAR 7.00
Fries RegularQAR 4.00
XL FriesQAR 8.00


ItemPrice (QAR)
Pie Mango PeachQAR 7.00

Tropical Coolers

ItemPrice (QAR)
Halo Halo SundaeQAR 9.00
Mango passion coolerQAR 10.00
Strawberry passion coolerQAR 10.00

Jollibee Stores Near you

Below is the store list you can order from or can dine in. 

  • Jollibee Matar Qadeem
  • Jollibee Ezdan Mall Gharafa
  • Jollibee Al Sadd
  • Jollibee Mansoura
  • Jollibee Dar Al Salam Mall
  • Jollibee Wakra Ezdan Mall
  • Jollibee Doha Souq Al Nasr
  • Jollibee Doha Festival City (DFC)
  • Jollibee Mall of Qatar (MOQ)
  • Jollibee City Center Mall
  • Jollibee Villagio Mall
  • Jollibee Place Vendome
  • Jollibee Tawar Mall
  • Jollibee Al Khor Mall


What is Jollibee Qatar’s number for online orders?

You can contact them at +9 744 444 9492. 

Is Jollibee delivery available in Qatar?

Yes, Jollibee exclusively serves in Qatar and surrounding areas. 

Jollibee’s Customer Service

📧 [email protected]

Jollibee’s Social Media


Jollibee Qatar’s menu showcases a wide range of Filipino-inspired and world-fast food favorites that can be bought at affordable prices. Jollibee Qatar Menu Prices has something for everyone, be it crispy fried chicken fans, sandwich lovers, or those looking for refreshing coolers. When you find yourself in Qatar and you feel like trying the best foods ever, just remember that Jollibee has its menu and prices worth any bite.

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