Jollibee Saudi Arabia Menu Updates Price List 2024

JOLLIBEE saudi arabia menu

Jollibee in Saudi Arabia

The Land of Arabs is best known for its flavourful cuisine, which adds spices over chicken to meet the best culinary taste. Taking part in traditions, Jollibee has now arrived in Saudi Arabia with 12 franchises. All serve the best taste in Al-Jubail City, Al-Khobar City, Riyad, Sulaymaniyah, and other surrounding areas.

In today’s article, I’m going to disclose the Jollibee Saudi Arabia Menu lists and all the updated prices. You will go from the tender chicken to the malleability of burgers and crunchy sandwiches. Also, this article will help to check the nearest restaurant near you for a quick dine-in or takeaway. 

Jollibee has now introduced its delicious food in Kuwait.

Jollibee Saudi Arabia Menu with Prices

The wait has been finished; below is your list of the KSA menu prices. Thoroughly check the menu and its price. It will surely help you in making a decision for your evening meal. I have given the Jollibee Saudi Arabia menu prices below:

Chicken Menu Price (SR)
2 Piece Crispy Chicken Joy And Rice 27
Chicken Joy And Spaghetti 29
6 Piece Chickenjoy Bucket 63
2 Pcs Chickenjoy Combo 29
2 Pcs Chicken Joy Spicy 27
2 Pcs Chicken Joy Mixed Spicy & Regular 27
2 Pcs Chickenjoy Combo Spicy 29
2 Pcs Chickenjoy Combo Mixed Spicy & Regular 29
3pc Chickenjoy Combo 34
3pc Chickenjoy Combo Spicy 34
3pc Chickenjoy Combo Mixed Spicy & Regular 34
6pc Spicy Chickenjoy Bucket 63
6pc Mix Chickenjoy Bucket 63
8pc Chickenjoy Bucket 78
8pc Spicy Chickenjoy Bucket 78
8pc Mix Chickenjoy Bucket 78
Spicy Chickenjoy & Spaghetti 29
2 Pcs Chickenjoy & Spaghetti 35
2pc Spicy Chickenjoy & Spaghetti 35
2pc Mix Chickenjoy & Spaghetti 35

Jollibee Saudi Arabia Burger & Sandwiches Menu

Jollibee is famous for its yummy burgers and chicken sandwiches. Check out these flavored items.

Item Price (SR)
Jolly Beef Hotdog 19
Jolly Wrap 17
Chicken Sandwich W/ Cheese 22
Chicken Sandwich With Beef Bacon 26
Spicy Chicken Sandwich With Beef Bacon 26

Side and Extras Menu

Enjoy these extra menu items with your favorite Jollibee dished.

Meal Item Price (SR)
Coleslaw Small 6
Xtra Rice 5
Xtra Bun 2
Coleslaw Large 10
Fries Small 9
Fries Medium 12
Fries Large 14
Xtra Gravy 4
Xtra Steak Sauce 4

Burger Steal & Paste Menu

Jollibee’s burger steak is another famous food in their menu. Let’s check them out.

Meal Items Price (SR)
3 Pcs Burger Steak 23
Burger Steak Pan Good For 6 34
Burger Steak Pan Good For 8 42
2pc Burgersteak 20
Spaghetti Pan Good For 4 52
Spaghetti Pan Good For 5 64
Spaghetti single 15

Chicken Strips

Try these delicious chicken strips at the Saudi’s Jollibee outlets.

Meal Item Price (SR)
3pc Strips 26
3pc Spicy Strips 26
4pc Strips 30
4pc Spicy Strips 30
Value Meal 4pcs Spicy Strips 34

Jollibee Delivery in Saudi Arabia

I have gathered the data of all 14 branches of Jollibee in KSA; just search on Google for the Jollibee branch, and it will help you find the nearest branch; for details of any specific franchise, refer to the information below. It will give you the address with the phone number.

CityAddressTel. No.
Al KhobarShops 2-3, 1st Floor, Al Ramaniyah Center, King Abdulaziz St., Al Khobar(013) 894 8299
DammamAl Souq, Dammam 32242(+966)593250657
JeddahBaroom Center, Fayd Al Rahmah, Al-Ruwais, Jeddah
JeddahAl Andalus District, Jeddah(012) 6693010
JeddahAl Rawdah St., Khalidiyah District, Jeddah(012) 6061671
JeddahAl Balad, Jeddah(012) 2907995
JubailKing Abdul Aziz St. cor. Jeddah St., Al-Jubail, Ash Sharqiyah(+966)506785768
Riyadh2nd Floor, Al Rajhi Building, Al Batha, Madinah Al Sinaiyah, Riyadh(011) 405 7420
Riyadh3rd Floor, Manila Plaza Foodcourt, Al Batha, RiyadhN/A
RiyadhAbubakar Al Razi St., Sulaymaniyah, Riyadh(011) 472 1763
RiyadhThe Square Complex, 2nd Industrial City, RiyadhN/A
RiyadhVillagio Mall, Al Amal, RiyadhN/A
TaifFoodcourt Skating Area, Taif Hearts’ Mall, Shobra St. Taif(012) 731 0635
YanbuDana Mall, Yanbu(014) 392 8412

Jollibee’s Customer Service

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So far, you have all the information for the Jollibee Saudi Arabia Menu, including the price of chicken meals, bucket meals, deals, and sides. You can easily contact the nearest branch to order food at your step or for takeaway. Go to Jollibee Riyadh or Jollibee Sulaymaniyah to enjoy Filipino-styled food and their servings.

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