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Introduction to Jollibee USA

Fast food has become a sensation across the United States, with a special mention to the beloved Jollibee USA. Undoubtedly, if you are a fan, you will likely be eager to know about the updated Jollibee USA menu and their prices. Jollibee has 1500 stores worldwide, out of which 73 stores are in America, making itself the ultimate spot for your late-night crispy chicken fix.

In this article, I will assist you in digging deep into everything about the Jollibee menu in the USA. You will get to know their ChickenJoy meal deal, Family Bucket Meals, Burgers meal, Drinks and Desserts meal, and all others, along with updated prices and food calories. The price list will help you to choose your preferred meal easily. 

Jollibee Chickenjoy Fried Chicken

Are you looking to find out the price list of Fried Chicken as well as Chickenjoy meal deals? Refer to the table below for all the updated 2024 prices of meals in the USA and roundabout areas. 

Meal ItemsCaloriesPrice
6 pcs bucket (Three legs, Three thighs)1270-2350$12.99
10 pcs bucket (Five thighs, Five legs)2140-3940$20.99
2 pcs with 1 side and drink$8.49
2 pcs with 1 side595-1125$6.99
Two pcs with Two sides and a drink$10.49
Two pcs with Two sides765-1465$8.99
Three pcs with 1 side and drink$10.99
Three pcs with 1 side795-1505$9.49
Three pcs with Two sides and drink$12.99
Three pcs with Two sides965-184$11.49
One pc with spaghetti and a drink$9.49
One pc with spaghetti860-1020$7.99
Two pcs with spaghetti and drink$11.99
Two pcs with spaghetti1060-1400$10.49
One pc with palabok fiesta sauce & drink$10.49
One pc with palabok fiesta sauce660-820$8.99
Two pcs with palabok fiesta sauce & drink$12.99
Two pcs with palabok fiesta sauce860-1200$11.49

Jollibee Family Bucket Meal Prices in USA

Family time! There might be a special occasion in your family or just a friend’s gathering; then you need the Jollibee Family Bucket Meal and its prices. I have prepared the menu and price list that is going to help you find the required deal in a few seconds. 

Meal ItemsSizeCaloriesPrice
Chickenjoy and Pies Deal10 Pcs4530-4750$25.00
Chicken Sampler Deal3510$25.00
Family Deal One10 Pcs2650-5470$25.00
And Sides Deal10 Pcs$25.00
Family Deal Two10 Pcs2950-4750$25.00
Bucket Treats
A6 Pcs3140-4220$34.99
B6 Pcs3140-4220$29.99
C6 Pcs3320-4400$32.99
D10 Pcs4340-6990$38.99

Chicken Tenders Menu Price List

In my entire life, I haven’t found a single person who is not a fan of Chicken Tenders. Especially in California or Hawaii, these are of special interest. So, let’s check out the prices offered by Jollibee in the USA. 

Meal ItemsCaloriesPrice
Three Pcs Chicken Tenders with Side and Drink$10.49
Three Pcs Chicken Tenders575$6.49
10 Pcs Chicken Tenders1915$18.49
6 Pcs Chicken Tenders1150$11.49
16 Pcs Chicken Tenders3090$29.49

Burgers in Jollibee USA Menu

Here is the updated menu price list for Burger fans along with its nutritional information.

Meal ItemsCaloriesPrice
Yumburger with 1 Side and Drink$7.99
Cheesy Yumburger410$4.49
Cheesy Yumburger with 1 Side and Drink$8.49
Yumburger (Big)670$7.99
Yumburger (Big) with 1 Side and Drink$11.99
Aloha Yumburger770$8.99
Aloha Yumburger with 1 Side and Drink$12.99

Jolly Spaghetti & Palabok Fiesta Menu Price List

Welcome to all those who are tangled for the crispy noodles better called Spaghetti and delicious Palabok dishes. This table provides all the information on the Spaghetti and Palabok served by Jollibee.

Meal ItemsCaloriesPrice
Jolly Spaghetti with Drink$6.99
Jolly Spaghetti610$5.49
Palabok Fiesta410$6.99
Jolly Spaghetti Family Pack (Serve to 3-5)1830$15.99
Palabok Fiesta Family Pack (Serve to 3-5)1240$19.99
Palabok Fiesta with Drink$8.49

Jolly Spaghetti & Palabok Party Packs Price

The party packs are huge, enough for servings of 8 to 10 people. Checkout their Spaghetti and Palabok party pack prices and calories they contain in the table below: 

Meal ItemsCaloriesPrice
Jolly Spaghetti4890$40.00
Palabok Fiesta3300$52.99

Chicken Sandwiches Menu Price List

Time to know about the Jollibee Chicken Sandwiches and their price served in the USA. 

Meal ItemsCaloriesPrice
Original Chicken620$4.99
with 1 Side and Drink$8.99
Deluxe Chicken630$5.49
with 1 Side and Drink$9.49
Spicy Chicken570$4.99
with 1 Side and Drink$8.99
Spicy Deluxe580$5.49
with 1 Side and Drink$9.49

Burger Steaks Menu Price List

You can refer to the table below to check the Burger Steaks menu and its price. Also, know the calorie information of your diet. 

Meal ItemsCaloriesPrice
Burger Steak (Two Pcs)  with 1 Side & Drink$9.49
Burger Steak (Two Pcs) with 1 Side550-720$7.99
Burger Steak (Two Pcs) with Two Sides and Drink$11.49
Burger Steak (Two Pcs)  with Two Sides720-1060$9.99
Burger Steak (Three Pcs) with 1 Side and Drink$11.99
Burger Steak (Three Pcs)  with Two Sides and Drink$13.99
Burger Steak (Three Pcs)  with Two Sides900-1240$12.49
Family Pack (Served to 4-6)1060$19.99
Burger Steak (Three Pcs)  with 1 Side730-900$10.49

Sides And Jolly Kids Meals and Price List

Meal ItemsCaloriesPrice
Mashed Potatoes (Large)$3.99
Mashed Potatoes (Regular)170$2.69
Adobo Rice230$2.69
Steamed Rice190$2.69
Baked Cheddar Mac & Cheese$3.99
Biscuits (Two pcs)$2.69
Kids MealCaloriesPrice
Chicken Tenders (Two Pcs), Includes Rice & Drink555-1170$5.99
1pc Include Rice & Drink435-875$5.99
Cheesy Yumburger, Fries (Small) & Drink550-830$5.99
Jolly Spaghetti Include Drink610-890$5.99

Drinks And Desserts in Jollibee USA Menu

Drinks are a must-have to enjoy Jollibee food accompanied with a dessert delight for a happy ending. This is so we covered all the drinks and desserts served at Jollibee places in the USA, along with their prices. 

Pineapple Quencher$2.99
Peach Mango Pie$2.99
Drinks (20 oz.)Price
Diet Pepsi$2.29
Root Beer (Mug)$2.29
Sierra Mist$2.29
Raspberry Brisk Iced Tea$2.29
Brisk Iced Tea$2.29
Tropicana Pink Lemonade$2.29
Mountain Dew$2.29
Tropicana Fruit Punch$2.29

Note that:

For your best interest, it is preferred to write that all these menu lists are valid around the USA; a slight change is acceptable from branch to branch. Otherwise, Jollibee menu prices in California, Jollibee menu prices in Hawaii, Jollibee Jacksonville menu price list, and Jollibee Orlando menu prices all fall in this quick 2024 menu guide.


Is Jollibee halal in the USA?

I am afraid, all Jollibee USA Menu items are not necessarily Halal.  

Which is cheaper, McDonald’s or Jollibee?

We can’t compare directly because both have separate tastes and dishes. But I must say Jollibee is more pocket-friendly. 

How much is Jollibee spicy chicken joy?

2 Pcs of Jollibee spicy chicken joy is $8.49 in the USA. 

Jollibee’s Customer Service

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Time to wrap up the article filled with delicious Jollibee food menus in the USA. We’ve gathered and listed all the items of the Jollibee USA menu here with their prices and calories of each item. You can check all the items, meals, and deals served by Jollibee in all the states of America for the year 2024. Also, keep an eye on your diet by checking the calories list with each item. 

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