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Jollibee Deal 1KFC Deal 1Jollibee Deal 2KFC Deal 2₱948.00₱650.00₱570.00₱680.006-pc. Chickenjoy, Palabok Family Pan6-pc. Chicken, Rice, Brownies, Fixins, Drinks6-pc. Burger Steak, Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan6-pc. Chicken, Large Spaghetti Platter

Jollibee and KFC are iconic names in the fast-food industry, especially when it comes to fried chicken. Their fans are often curious about the differences between these two food chains. In this analysis, we’ll examine the tastes, menus, prices, global presence, and customer experiences of Jollibee vs KFC. It will help you decide which one is more preferable.

After this comparison, you can easily decide whose chicken is more delicious. Which is your go-to restaurant: KFC or Jollibee? For this, you just need to stick with the article until the last line for a detailed analysis.

Overview of Jollibee and KFC

KFC, globally known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, has earned its reputation through its secret blend of “11 herbs and spices.” Many attribute the popularity of their signature fried chicken to this closely guarded recipe. This vogue leads to KFC’s 25,000 branches in 147 territories. 

On the contrary, Jollibee, founded in 1975 by Dr. Tony Tan Caktiong, is a renowned fast-food chain originating from the Philippines. It offers the sweet-style spaghetti, which is the most popular dish here. The secret to Jollibee’s Spaghetti admiration is the sweet tomato-based sauce, sliced hotdogs, and ground meat topped with shredded cheese. 

But how have these establishments left a lasting impact on customers? Which chain attracts more buyers, and what is the reason behind it? Let’s find out!

Jollibee Chicken vs KFC Chicken

For extraordinary choices, check the difference of KFC Chicken and Jollibee Chicken. You can easily estimate the taste and decide which is your go-to restaurant. 

  • KFC

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, is globally recognized for its secret “11 herbs and spices.” The specialty of KFC is the tender, crispy, golden chicken, which has captivated everyone. Whether it’s the Tender-Rice in Korea, the Chizza in India, or the Flossy Original Recipe Chicken Porridge in Singapore, KFC is a winner worldwide.

  • Jollibee

Jollibee Chicken is renowned for its crispy coating and unique sweet-style spaghetti. Well, Jollibee takes a different approach by infusing the taste of the Philippines into every bite of its Chickenjoy. The brand’s commitment to authenticity is evident in the direct import of ingredients, including breading and gravy, from Manila.

Let’s explore latest comparison on Jollibee vs Popeye menu.

Menu Prices – Jollibee vs KFC

To clarify the difference between KFC and Jollibee, we will compare the prices of both food chains. End results will ultimately let us choose the more budget-friendly deals wisely.

CategoryJollibee Menu ItemPrice (₱)KFC Menu ItemPrice (₱)
Solo Chicken Meals1-pc. Chickenjoy₱82.001-pc Chicken Meal with Spaghetti₱210.00
BurgersYumburger₱40.00Chicken Cheeseburger₱55.00
SidesJolly Spaghetti w/ Burger Steak₱110.00Sisig Rice Bowl₱140.00
BeveragesPineapple Juice₱64.00Unsweetened Ice Tea (Large)₱85.00

From this hand-to-hand analysis, Jollibee appears to be a more budget-friendly option. However it’s important to consider personal preferences and local pricing variations when deciding. To clear the prices, we have arranged the comparison of family meals below.

  • Family Deals Comparison 
Jollibee Deal 1KFC Deal 1Jollibee Deal 2KFC Deal 2
6-pc. Chickenjoy, Palabok Family Pan6-pc. Chicken, Rice, Brownies, Fixins, Drinks6-pc. Burger Steak, Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan6-pc. Chicken, Large Spaghetti Platter

Chicken Taste – Jollibee vs KFC

It’s been 49 years since the Jollibee started and served the Philippines and later all over the world. In this broad history, we have not witnessed a single day where they compromised on the quality of food and taste. Well, KFC also boasts a classic taste with a golden, crispy crust and juicy chicken beneath. Customers never feel regret after having a large bucket of crispy fried chicken at KFC. 

While both are beloved for their mouth-watering appeal, Jollibee’s preference often leans towards those who want Filipino-style fried chicken. Many prefer it for its special charm and authentic taste. But there are not any limitations, so you can freely pick anyone, keeping in mind your ease. 

Customer’s Feedback 

Now, after the statistical analysis, let’s discover what people in the real world are saying while comparing both franchises. To investigate, I conducted a survey and found that individuals who enjoy crispy chicken with a standard taste tend to prefer KFC over Jollibee. 

However, those who love trying diverse tastes, and always look for budget-friendly options, prioritize Jollibee. This preference is not only due to its lower prices but also because the chicken size at Jollibee is much larger than its KFC counterpart.

My Experience Over the Years

The other day, I was craving fried chicken and couldn’t decide between Jollibee and KFC. So, I started with KFC because it’s a classic choice among Americans. The chicken was crispy, and the flavor was good, but something felt a bit ordinary. So, I glopped to Jollibee. Even though I’m not a Filipino, fried chicken feels like an irresistible charm. 

Moreover, I liked the cozy atmosphere at Jollibee, too. It felt like a friendly place, and the service was quick. In the end, while KFC was good, Jollibee won my heart.

Contact Information of Jollibee and KFC

You can use the contact information below to call KFC in the Philippines. 
  • Website:
  • Hotline for Metro Manila: #8887-8888 
  • Hotline for provincial areas: #887-8888
– Jollibee
Use the hotline number below to place an order from Jollibee in the Philippines.
  • Call #87000.
  • Website:


Which is cheaper, Jollibee or KFC?

From our detailed analysis of the price list, it is crystal clear that Jollibee is cheaper and budget-friendly. 

How is Jollibee Chicken different from other restaurants?

Jollibee chicken is known for its unique Filipino taste, with a special marinade and crispy skin, which sets it apart from other restaurants.

Who is better, Jollibee or KFC?

It depends on personal preference. Some prefer Jollibee for its Filipino flavors, while others may prefer KFC for its original recipe.

What makes Jollibee unique then KFC?

Jollibee is unique due to its Filipino-inspired menu, offering a different taste experience than KFC.

Jollibee’s Customer Service

📧 [email protected]

Jollibee’s Social Media

Jollibee vs KFC Wrapped Up

We have undergone the ins and outs of both Jollibee and KFC, overseeing their price, food quality, unique tastes, and servings. The entire clash illustrates how both put their efforts and combine specific flavors to satisfy the customers. But, one must have to win. So, in my opinion, it’s Jollibee with its Filipino flavors. It’s not only tasty but also budget-friendly. 

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