Jollibee Family Meal Menu with Updated Prices 2024

JOLLIBEE family meal menu

Jollibee Family Meal Menu 

For decades, Jollibee has played a vital role in bringing families together through its delectable Jollibee family meal menu. From the Palabok Family Pan to Chicken Joy and Yumburger, it offers a variety of options to satisfy every craving. Tailored for those on a budget, Jollibee menu presents fantastic deals perfect for groups.

Each meal comes with its own unique specifications. If you have a sweet tooth, indulge in the 6 Pies of Peach Mango Pie deal, or opt for the ChickenJoy bucket deal if you’re in the mood for some crispy chicken goodness. In short, the family meal menu caters to individuals of all tastes. In this article, we’ll explore each meal and its latest prices so that every family can savor the goodness at minimal cost.

New Jollibee Bucket Meal Price List

The table below elaborates all the family deals along with updated prices. You can also check the additional add-ons and sides by referring to the table. I assure you can make a better choice to double the fun of family gatherings after this. So, let’s move to the latest family menu and price list.

Jollibee Family Meal Menu List Price (₱)
6pc Chickenjoy Bucket Solo + Free 1pc ₱435
8pc Chickenjoy Bucket Solo + Free 2pcs ₱535
4pc Chickenjoy Family Box Solo ₱325
6pc Chickenjoy with Palabok Family Pan ₱880
8pc Chickenjoy with Palabok Family Pan ₱980
6pc Chickenjoy Bucket w/ Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan ₱660
8pc Chickenjoy Bucket w/ Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan ₱760
Chickenjoy Bucket Family Meals ₱758
Jolly Spaghetti & Palabok Family Pan ₱235
Burger Bundle ₱366
Yumburger Family Savers ₱265
Burger Steak Family Savers ₱297
6pc Burger Steak Family Pan ₱348
8pc Burger Steak Family Pan ₱450
6pc Burger Steak with Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan ₱550
8pc Burger Steak with Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan ₱630
6pc Burger Steak with Palabok Family Pan ₱801
8pc Burger Steak with Palabok Family Pan ₱896
Sweet 6 Pies To-Go ₱265
Joy At Home Birthday Set ₱80
Jolly Crispy Fries Bucket ₱158

Let’s check out Jollibee’s drinks menu to enjoy with delicious family meals.

Food Information

Let’s peek into the healthy side of the article as we are going to unhide the calorie count of your food. For those of you who are particularly health-conscious, take a look at the Jollibee Nutritional Menu. It provides comprehensive details about your food, including calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. All available with just a single click. 

To know the allergen information, follow the table:

Menu ItemMilkSoyaGlutenSulfitesEggs
Spicy Chickenjoy
New Spicy Chickenjoy
Jolly Spaghetti
Burger Steak
Ultimate Burgersteak


What’s the price of the family meal at Jollibee?

You can start ordering from ₱325 for a 4 pc Chickenjoy Family Box Solo or change it according to your needs. 

How many people can the Jollibee Spaghetti Family Pan feed?

A maximum of 4-5 people can easily share the joy of Jollibee Spaghetti Family Pan.

Does the Jollibee Bucket include rice?

One of the Chickenjoy deals at Jollibee is served with Spaghetti, rice, and drinks. 

What is the Jollibee bucket meal price in 2024?

6 pc Bucket is for ₱435 and 8 pc bucket is priced ₱535. 

How can I get free Chickenjoy from Jollibee?

To avail free Chickenjoy from Jollibee, consider these options:
  • 6 pc Chickenjoy Bucket Solo: Order the 6-piece Chickenjoy Bucket Solo and receive an additional 1-piece for free.
  • 8 pc Chickenjoy Bucket: Opt for the 8-piece Chickenjoy Bucket, and enjoy not just 8, but get an extra 2 pieces for free.

Jollibee’s Customer Service

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Jollibee is giving chances to families to cherish their moments with delicious family meal menu deals. You can also order the family deals, which are not only tasty but also affordable. From Spaghetti Family Pan to Palabok Family Pan, every deal comes with its own perk. Also, from this article, check the calories and allergen information to make informed choices. Eat healthy, stay healthy!

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